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Argentinian with heritage from Japan, Italy, and Spain, dannceb, utilises this unique cultural mixing with her very own style of music. The complex mix of Jazz, funk-rock, and Argentinian folk music will not only delight a wide range of listeners but may even introduce you to a style you’d previously never heard before.

Dannceb was born in 1990, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Growing up in Argentina allowed her to soak in the local music and arts culture, no doubt, something which has heavily influenced her music writing now. Dannceb notes ‘I always had this big faith about sharing my music with the world, not knowing where I would get with it.’ This wonder and hope surrounding her musical career are certainly transferred into the music, with feelings of hope transporting you while listening to her work.

Dannceb has not lived without trouble in life, with having Scoliosis surgery at the young age of 16, and then later migrating to the UK in 2017. Her music touches on certain themes sure to invoke sentimental feelings for many listeners. Following the move to the UK, dannceb’s musical career began to take shape. Dannceb discusses: “Being in the UK has helped me develop as an artist as there are many opportunities through local funding and community support… I feel really valued here.”

Dannceb began writing songs from a very young age, concentrating on English lyrics to allow her music to reach a much wider audience. Dannceb discusses the fear and insecurities she had around showcasing her unique, and non-mainstream style to the public: “I always felt the pressure to sing more girly because that is how I thought female vocals should sound and, in my case, I was not fitting in.” Fortunately, she never allowed this to stop her from pursuing her musical dreams, and this infectious vocal style is now her signature sound.

Playing the guitar from the age of 13 has allowed dannceb to truly develop her musical and songwriting skills throughout these years.

Dannceb’s music will be a joy for anyone interested in a clever mix of the traditional and the modern. Dannceb was introduced to Argentinian folk music from a very young age and grew up listening to music like Chacarera, Zamba, and Tango. Drawing influences from great Argentinian artists such as Charly Garcia, Pedro Aznar, Alberto Spinetta, and more, dannceb uses this traditional music seamlessly within her own work. Taking musical influence from more modern, global bands like Bon Jovi, Oasis, One Republic, and Keane, dannceb produces her own take on growing up with these two distinct cultural backgrounds.

Dannceb notes the unique style of her music, which is hard to place, “I could not define my style of music with just one genre. When I wrote the songs, I was not conscious about the variety of styles, they just all came out with particular styles.” This fluidity and ease of fusing genres is testament to dannceb’s musical talent.



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